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Daryl Goh artworks

Deniably Real is an interactive sculpture that comments on our perception of a window, and how it acts as a mediator between reality and representation. The blinds in the screens interact with the viewer by simulating how light would be filtered through them as the viewer opens and closes the window panels.

Daryl Goh artworks

Commissioned installation for Verve Arts Festival in collaboration with Joel Yuen.


Daryl Goh artworks

Irresolute Framework

Anamorphic Grains

Commissioned installation for KoH Concepts (Hong Kong). This installation features 2 of the Koh Lamps integrated with a video projection. It simulates the canister as a receptacle of water and light.

Window to Elsewhere

Daryl Goh artworks

Tilt Shift

Daryl Goh artworks

Displace Me is the Noise Singapore's first ever installation piece. It illustrates the mental space of one's negotiation between the conscious and unconscious states of mind often found in the notion of sleep. Residing in the betweens of coma and snooze, one reconstructs one's orientation and visual axis while forming new relationships with their elements. This installation was featured in the National Arts Council's Noise Singapore Festival Showcase 2012 at the Goodman Arts Centre. It was featured in the Lianhe Zaobao Newspaper on the 22nd February 2012 and TODAY - For Art's Sake on the 28th February 2012.

Incoming Slams! is an interactive sound installation that gets across a simple message - Do not slam the door. The 8.1 speakers dictate an on going class. When the door is used, a mess of other door slams is triggered with human & verbal reactions to the door slam. Irritating or humorous, you get the point.

MaxMSP, Digidesign

Daryl Goh artworks

The EyeDropper installation illustrates the notion of vision and liquidity of an eye dropper through the use of sensors, motion tracking, and projection. The viewer draws with the eye dropper in water inside the box. The drawing motion effected by the eye dropper is mirrored on the wall with ripples. The strokes 'erases' the wall and created a transparency that allows the viewer to see 'through' the wall. This installation was done in collaboration with April Ella, and was chosen to be exhibited at the School of Art, Design & Media's end of semester Show 2010.

Processing on colour tracking, live projection

Carpark Stables is a soundscape installation that bridges the two different spaces of transportation mediums through time. One being automobiles, and the other, nature (specifically horses). It illustrates the similarities associated with their space, and their respective inertia in association with their sound. The amalgamation of horses with motor vehicle sounds immerses one in the overlapping time zones of transportation in the given space.

Daryl Goh artwork