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+/- Z dB is an experimental music composition. Digital residues such as static, clicks, zaps, are turned into a new character. These minute grains contain millions of atoms and DNA that present to us captured time and texture. This performance expands and magnifies these elements into a larger scale that places them in totally new spaces. Live video interaction with sound included!

Pro Tools HD, MaxMSP with Jitter, with Korg nanoKONTROL2

Daryl Goh performance art

Lying Down is inspired by Tracey Emin's "Everyone I Have Slept With". Breaking the boundaries between the private and public spaces, I explored the notion of sleeping and the view society stereotypes it. Society view sleeping as something only done in a private space. What is contradicting is we still see people sleeping in public buses, trains, libraries, galleries etc. And most of the time when we see people doing that, we do not really bother. Maybe it is because of one thing - they sleep upright. Sleeping denotes rest. Resting requires comfort in order to be executed. Thus, is there anything wrong with sleeping lying down on my mattress with my pillow and bolster in the same public places which people do? Since society is content with people sleeping upright, let us do it the right way - lying down.